Winging it with a meal plan!

You like winging it in your kitchen. You want to meal plan but you hate recipes! No problem. Meal planning with no recipe Meal planning is about more than recipes, it is about a lifestyle change. Simplifying your life and making time for you to spend doing what you prefer. It also saves you money. […]

My very neat pantry

Meal planning and a sorted life

How does meal planning fit in with get sorted? New habits We’re getting sorted is all about clearing out the junk however, one of the most important ways to prevent the clutter from returning is to develop new habits. This week we look at meal planning, this topic is one of my favourites. I have […]

Pass da Homemade Pasta

On the shelf About 15 years ago my mother bought us each a pasta maker.  I tried it once or twice but all that happened was that the dough got wrapped around the rollers and clogged up the machine. I put mine in a packet on top of my kitchen cupboard and mostly forgot about […]


NOVICE RECIPE Less mince for more meatloaf This recipe doubles very nicely.  If doubling use 1 ½ cups oat bran, not the full amount. Serves 4. To cook meatloaf:  pre-heat oven to 120 C. 1 Tin red speckled (sugar) beans, mashed 1 clove of garlic crushed or ½ tsp minced garlic (dried or bottled) 200gm […]