meal planning

Meal planning for couples and singles

Meal planning for couples and singles is possible! It won’t work for me I often hear people say that they don’t think meal planning is going to work for them. They are only cooking for themselves, or it’s just the two of them, so it’s not worth it. I actually think meal planning would work […]

More month than money

When there is more month than money. One of the things I didn’t mention about my adventure into weekly planning is a scenario that I had almost forgotten. Never Ever Again!! This common occurrence happens when there is more month than money! No more money! Before I started meal planning this was a common occurrence.  We would get […]

DVD or video

As with last week’s task, 4 children, 25 years of marriage, my video and DVD collection is epic! We actually still have a working VHS machine. DVD’s and Videos have to go! It is time to clear out the collection. We really no longer need Noddy, Teletubbies, Pepper Pig, Bob the Builder and assorted friends. […]

Budget envelopes

5 Steps to successful Envelope Budgeting

Envelope budgeting is an easy way to create a simple easily manageable plan to monitor your spending. Every month thousands of South Africans struggle not to over spend. They use apps on their phones, spreadsheets on the computer, yet they find it doesn’t help. I say well done for trying, now it is time to […]

It’s in the bag- the handbag!

Sorting handbags Are you one of those people who have a different handbag depending on your outfit or shoes? I am not!  If it wasn’t necessary to carry one, I wouldn’t.   I have two (possibly more buried somewhere), one that I use and one that is for when this one eventually gives in, which so […]