Never Ever Again!

Never again! Never again will I try to do anything but monthly planning and shopping! My trial! Over the last two months I decided to try out weekly and fortnightly meal planning and shopping and I hated it and so did my family. I forgot to plan the meals; I forgot to load the shopping […]

A Genius Strategy that will cost you R4350!

Genius Strategy Previously I wrote about Pick n Pay’s marketing gimmick, The Stikeez How many do you have? In an absolutely amazing marketing strategy a competing supermarket chain will be increasing their profits, (while stocks last)! You will get a ‘free’ gift if you spend a certain amount. Every mommies’ FB group is talking about this and it […]

3 Steps to Mastering Your Grocery Bill

We all think of a million ways our lives would be better, if only ……, but what are you doing to change this? We all dream of winning the lottery and changing our lives for the better but buying a Lotto ticket only helps a very few. Why not start with changing the way you […]

Meal and Menu Planning Made Easy 2

Just in time for Pesach! I am hosting another 3 hour workshop, to help you learn to make meal and menu planning of your weekly and monthly menus easier. Join us in this interactive and fun workshop. You will be amazed how your life can change. Tools, tips and tricks on how to create a workable […]

Are the bills collecting

Last week you made space in your home, or office, to store and file all your bills and statements as well as other important documents. This week I am looking at a separate place for unpaid bills and other important, actionable paperwork. I store my documents for the month in the concertina file but this […]

File Space- Do you have it?

This week’s very late post is about creating a specific place for all that newly and neatly ordered and reduced mail. This includes school notices and other flyers you receive and in which you are interested. You previously sorted old school books and I am sure you have a few empty files lying around. This […]

Kasheringyourlife’s Training week 1

Kasheringyourlife is undergoing training! I am learning how to improve my blog for a better experience both for you and for me.  I have been participating in a 30 business blog challenge. Today I have been tasked with recapping my first week of training. I have definitely noticed an improvement and I hope you all […]

10 steps to help

10 tips to help you save money when shopping!

Before you go to do the shopping, here is a list of do’s and don’ts that will save you money. If you have to go into a physical store, this is my top 10 list.  I mostly shop online, so I get to avoid this, but I definitely still earn loyalty points. Loyalty Programs – […]